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Are you a hotel owner in Kuala Lumpur looking to transform your business with the help of foreign workers? Look no further! In this article, we will introduce you to the top five foreign worker agencies in Kuala Lumpur that can provide you with the best manpower solutions for your hotel. These agencies have been carefully selected based on their reputation, reliability, and track record of delivering high-quality services.

List of The Best Foreign Worker Agency in Kuala Lumpur

If you’re looking to transform your hotel business, check out this list of the best foreign worker agencies in Kuala Lumpur! These agencies specialize in providing highly skilled and dedicated workers from various countries to help elevate the quality of service and operations in hotels.

Agensi Pekerjaan Sama-Sama

Agensi Pekerjaan Sama-Sama

Agensi Pekerjaan Sama-Sama is the best option among the mentioned agencies. With years of experience as a foreign worker agency in Kuala Lumpur, they specialize in providing comprehensive manpower solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your hotel business. Their team of experts ensures that all workers have the correct legal documents and permits, making the recruitment process as easy as possible.

In addition to their recruitment services, Agensi Pekerjaan Sama-Sama offers a wide range of services including foreign worker management, working permit application, supply of foreign workers, calling visa application, JTK Lesen Penginapan Akta 446 application, and more. Their expertise and professionalism make them the ideal choice for enhancing hotel operations.

While other agencies like Intan Malaya Sdn Bhd, TSM Manpower and Machinery Sdn Bhd, Agensi Pekerjaan Ukhwah Sdn Bhd, and Agensi Pekerjaan Shaveh Sdn Bhd also provide recruitment services for the hotel industry, Agensi Pekerjaan Sama-Sama stands out as the best option due to their specialized services, experience, and dedication to meeting the unique needs of hotel businesses.


Address: BO1-B-20, Boutique Office 1, Menara 2, 3, Jalan Bangsar, Kampung Haji Abdullah Hukum, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-7890 0856

Intan Malaya Sdn Bhd

Intan Malaya Sdn Bhd

Intan Malaya Sdn Bhd is a prominent agency specializing in manpower management and recruitment services for the hospitality industry. With years of experience, Intan Malaya Sdn Bhd has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to optimize their hotel operations. Their services include management consulting, contract manufacturing, packing, binding, and the provision of human resources solutions. Whether your hotel requires professional and clerical staff or manual workers and helpers on a permanent or temporary basis, they can accommodate your needs.

The team at Intan Malaya Sdn Bhd consists of experienced professionals who take the time to understand your specific requirements. They provide personalized solutions tailored to meet your hotel’s needs, contributing to the growth and efficiency of your operations.

TSM Manpower and Machinery Sdn Bhd

TSM Manpower and Machinery Sdn Bhd

You can trust TSM Manpower and Machinery Sdn Bhd to provide you with exceptional manpower resources that will revolutionize your hotel operations. With their extensive experience in supplying local and foreign workers to employers and employment agencies in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, TSM Manpower and Machinery Sdn Bhd is the go-to agency for all your recruitment needs.

TSM Manpower and Machinery Sdn Bhd offers a comprehensive range of services to help streamline your hiring process. They assist employers in securing Job Passes, Calling Visas, Work Permits, and Immigration Services for their foreign employees. This ensures that you can focus on growing your business while they handle the administrative tasks involved in employing foreign workers.

Their team of professionals understands the unique requirements of the hotel industry and takes pride in sourcing skilled and reliable workers who are committed to delivering top-notch service. Whether you need staff for housekeeping, front desk operations, food & beverage services, or any other department within your hotel, TSM Manpower and Machinery Sdn Bhd has got you covered.

By partnering with TSM Manpower and Machinery Sdn Bhd, you can rest assured that your workforce needs will be met efficiently and effectively. Their commitment to excellence has earned them a reputation as one of the best foreign worker agencies in Kuala Lumpur for transforming hotel businesses.

Agensi Pekerjaan Ukhwah Sdn Bhd

Agensi Pekerjaan Ukhwah Sdn Bhd

With their extensive experience and commitment to excellence, Agensi Pekerjaan Ukhwah Sdn Bhd is the go-to agency for revolutionizing hotel operations.

As a private employment agency, UKHWAH has been in operation since October 2018 and is registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia. In April 2019, they were granted ‘License C’ by the Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia, Ministry of Human Resources, allowing them to operate as a private employment agency.

UKHWAH specializes in providing foreign workers for various industries, including the hotel sector. Their expertise lies in sourcing highly skilled and trained individuals who can contribute to transforming hotel businesses in Kuala Lumpur. They understand the specific needs of hotels and are dedicated to matching them with suitable candidates who possess the required skill sets and qualifications.

As a Bumiputra-owned company, UKHWAH is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the workforce. They adhere to strict ethical standards and ensure that all workers recruited through their agency receive fair treatment and proper working conditions.

Agensi Pekerjaan Shaveh Sdn Bhd

Agensi Pekerjaan Shaveh Sdn Bhd

Looking for a trusted recruitment partner in Malaysia? Look no further than Agensi Pekerjaan Shaveh Sdn Bhd, your go-to agency for finding the right employees based on your specific requirements.

With over 7 years of extensive experience, Shaveh has established itself as one of the best foreign worker agencies in Kuala Lumpur, particularly for transforming hotel businesses.

Shaveh is an approved recruitment agency with the Department of Labour/Ministry of Human Resources in Malaysia. This accreditation ensures that they adhere to all necessary regulations and guidelines when it comes to sourcing and hiring foreign workers. Their primary focus is to assist clients in recruiting employees who perfectly fit their specific needs.

By choosing Shaveh as your recruitment partner, you can trust that they will handle all aspects of the hiring process efficiently and professionally. From sourcing candidates to conducting interviews and facilitating work permits, they ensure a seamless experience for both employers and employees.

Agensi Pekerjaan Shaveh Sdn Bhd is the ideal choice for any hotel business looking to find top-notch foreign workers in Kuala Lumpur. With their experience, expertise, and dedication to client satisfaction, they are committed to helping you build a strong team that will contribute to the success of your hotel business.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Foreign Worker Agency for Your Hotel Business in Kuala Lumpur

When it comes to finding the right employees for your hotel business in Kuala Lumpur, it’s crucial to select a foreign worker agency that understands the specific needs and requirements of the industry. Choosing the right agency can make a significant difference in the success and efficiency of your hotel operations.

The importance of selecting the right foreign worker agency cannot be overstated. A reputable agency will have experience in recruiting and selecting qualified workers for the hospitality industry. They’ll understand the unique challenges faced by hotels in Kuala Lumpur and will have access to a pool of skilled candidates who are knowledgeable about local customs and practices.

By choosing an agency that specializes in providing workers for hotels, you can ensure that you’re getting employees who are well-suited to meet your business needs. These agencies typically have thorough screening processes in place to ensure that candidates possess relevant skills, experience, and proper documentation.

Additionally, a good foreign worker agency will provide ongoing support throughout the employment process. They’ll handle all necessary paperwork, visas, work permits, and other legal requirements on behalf of their clients. This allows hotel owners and managers to focus on running their businesses without having to worry about administrative tasks related to hiring foreign workers.

Selecting the right foreign worker agency for your hotel business in Kuala Lumpur is essential for ensuring smooth operations and successful outcomes. By taking the time to research and choose an experienced agency with expertise in serving hotels, you can streamline your recruitment process and find employees who are capable of meeting your specific needs.

What Makes a Reliable Foreign Worker Agency in Kuala Lumpur

A reliable agency in Kuala Lumpur understands the specific needs of the hospitality industry and can greatly contribute to the efficiency and success of your hotel operations. When it comes to hiring foreign workers for your hotel business, there are certain qualities that make an agency reliable.

Firstly, a reliable agency will have a thorough understanding of the recruitment process for foreign workers. They’ll be well-versed in the necessary documentation, legal requirements, and visa processes involved in bringing foreign workers to Malaysia. This ensures that all the necessary paperwork is completed accurately and on time.

Secondly, a reliable agency will have a wide network of contacts and resources to source qualified foreign workers. They’ll have connections with reputable training institutions or recruitment agencies in countries where skilled hospitality professionals can be found. This allows them to find candidates who possess the required skills and experience for your hotel business.

Moreover, a reliable agency will conduct comprehensive background checks on potential candidates before recommending them to your hotel business. This includes verifying their qualifications, work experience, and references. By conducting these checks, they ensure that only trustworthy and capable individuals are selected for employment.

Lastly, a reliable agency will provide ongoing support throughout the hiring process. They understand that communication is key when dealing with different cultures and languages. Therefore, they act as intermediaries between you and the potential employees to ensure smooth communication during interviews or negotiations.

Choosing a reliable foreign worker agency in Kuala Lumpur is crucial for transforming your hotel business into a successful venture. With their expertise in recruitment processes, vast network of contacts, thorough background checks, and ongoing support services – you can rest assured that you’re getting qualified professionals who meet your specific needs within the hospitality industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees associated with hiring foreign workers through these agencies?

The fees associated with hiring foreign workers through these agencies vary depending on factors such as the type of worker, duration of employment, and specific agency. It is recommended to contact the agencies directly for detailed fee information.

Are these agencies able to provide workers from specific countries or regions?

Yes, these agencies are able to provide workers from specific countries or regions. They have a wide network and can source workers from various parts of the world to meet the specific needs of your hotel business in Kuala Lumpur.

How long does it typically take to hire a foreign worker through these agencies?

Hiring a foreign worker through agencies in Kuala Lumpur typically takes several weeks to months. The process involves recruitment, screening, documentation, and obtaining work permits. Timelines can vary based on factors such as country of origin and visa processing times.

Can these agencies assist with the necessary paperwork and documentation required for hiring foreign workers?

Yes, these agencies can assist with all the necessary paperwork and documentation required for hiring foreign workers. They have expertise in handling immigration processes, work permits, visas, and other legal requirements to make the hiring process smooth and hassle-free for your hotel business.

Do these agencies offer any additional services or support, such as training or assistance with employee management?

Yes, these agencies offer additional services such as employee training and assistance with employee management. They understand the importance of skilled and well-managed staff in the hotel industry, and provide comprehensive support to ensure your business thrives.


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